Your vacation in Sirolo

Points of interest in Sirolo and the surrounding area

Sirolo is a beautiful, medieval town, on the Riviera del Conero, in the province of Ancona , amidst the green Monte Conero and the blue Adriatic Sea.


The so-called “Pearl of the Adriatic”, Sirolo, located in the heart of the Riviera del Conero, is a picturesque medieval town, amidst the green of Monte Conero and the blue of the Adriatic sea. Considered such a Pearl, due to its breathtaking scenery and beautiful beaches. Our resort is the best place for you to start your discovery trip of the Riviera del Conero, your stay in Sirolo but also the possibility to visit the nearby Numana and Ancona.

Conero Nature reserve

Monte Conero (alt 572 m), owes its name to the strawberry tree (the greek Komaros) plant that reigns supreme in the area. It was the first protected area established in the Marche region. Hiking through the many trails indicated on the excursion maps, allows one to appreciate the numerous plants and animals present in this Mediterranean evergreen environment. Bird watching in the Park, facilitates the discovery of amazing cliffs overlooking the sea. It is possible to walk along the trails or go by mountain bike.


Portonovo is the first village on the Riviera del Conero after Ancona. Not just a village but an amazing bay, full of charming restaurants, popular beaches and smart hotels. Its origins are ancient and can be noted in the Benedictine church of Santa Maria , built around the year one thousand, the tower of Bosis, commissioned by the popes to protect themselves from pirates and the fort built to defend the coast from British ships.


2 km da Sirolo, Numana è stretta intorno al suo porticciolo. Una scenografica scalinata, "la costarella",era l'antica strada d'accesso al mare per i pescatori, collega il centro storico al porto.


Loreto, one of the most important Roman Catholic Sanctuaries, a piece of Rome which has been embedded into the Marche landscape. With its majestic basilica - fortress that houses the Holy House if Nazareth that according to legend, was the room in which the Blessed Virgin Mary received the Annunciation from the angel.


Recanati with its omnipresent, Giacomo Leopardi, Poet. From the beautiful square named after him to the old tower and Mount Tabor which feature in his most famous poems. The famous hill of infinity, the village square where the birthplace of the poet is located, “Palazzo Leopardi”, inhabited by his descendants even today, is home to the rich library of his study on "mad and desperate" with rare books and manuscripts. Recanati has also received the inheritance of the world famous tenor, Beniamino Gigli, and has dedicated a museum to his memory.


Osimo, otherwise known as the city "without heads." Owes its curious name to the presence of a collection of headless statues located at the entrance to the Town Hall. The entire town centre is a gallery of art treasures and history. Busy squares, splendid mansions and beautiful churches with facades that emphasize the richness of the interiors. The charm of the town culminates in the fascinating underground passages, which reveal a secret identity, mysterious and enigmatic. These underground caverns can be visited, runing below the entire town.


This medieval burgh that juts out from the Marche hills, with its imposing fortress and four museums. From its most central tower, an amazing view can be seen stretching from the Sibillini mountains to the sea. The medieval festival which takes place here every year in July is a must for visitors.


Camerano is perched on one of the rolling hills along the coast. An interesting location with its underground caves, carved in sandstone, a city below the city with many hidden treasures, vaulted ceilings, religious symbols and decorations in low relief. "The Rosso Conero Way” runs through the town , a stream of small vineyards of Montepulciano perched on rugged cliffs and rolling hills. Rosso Conero is the locally produced wine that deserves to be tasted, there are organised tours to the beautiful wineries scattered throughout the Riviera del Conero.

Local cuisine

Sirolo and all the towns on the Riviera del Conero are also renowned for their cuisine. From the characteristic trattoria to the most sophisticated restaurants , they offer specialities for all tastes and pockets! The local cuisine has a vast array of meat and fish dishes , the famous “Brodetto”, a really tasty fish soup, contains 13 different varieties of fish from the Adriatic! Visitors absolutely have to try “Rosso Conero”, the locally produced red wine . Fruity and elegant, It has been a “DOC” wine since 1967.

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